A street party invitation

Feb 13, 2018

The Admella Street Laneway Placemaking Project is a bold community-led visioning process. As part of piloting a new approach to placemaking, WAX was asked by the City of West Torrens to plan and run an interactive engagement event that would bring people together, encourage new conversations and allow people to share their ideas for the site.

This short video captures much of what made this process a success.

The project began with a local café owner’s desire to bring residents and businesses together to plan the upgrade of a local reserve as an active community space. Using a design lab process, we ran two workshops that were attended by local residents, business owners and property owners who participated in interviews, cognitive mapping and 3-dimensional planning techniques using Lego,  model making and Plasticine. The design lab allowed people to explore the potential of the site and to be actively involved in the design of Admella Street Laneway.

Uniquely, the whole process was captured by Refuel Creative as a record of what an active community engagement process can achieve. As the video illustrates, we worked with the community to guide conversations, resolve issues and expand ideas. We also collaborated with council staff, other stakeholders and elected members to create a new masterplan for Admella Street.

At the heart of the design are the aspirations of the local residents and business. The result is a community-driven urban design that is supported by council and delivered through collaboration, engagement and innovative thinking.

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