Congratulations Katarina

Jul 30, 2018

Congratulations to Katarina Baumann - Winner of 2018 AILA SA Future Leaders Graduate Landscape Architect Award.

Having worked at WAX design for the past two years since graduating University, Katarina has continually developed her professional skills as a landscape architect.

The strengths Katarina has demonstrated have focused on a commitment to research and learning, design innovation, working with the community, and promoting how we as professionals and individuals can effect change to the betterment of society.

The professional approach, enthusiasm and integrity that she brings to her work focuses on the people who are affected by the plans and designs she develops and the landscapes she implements. She is a collaborator, and gains inspiration from what and who is around her. Having worked on a diverse range of projects, her technical skills are significant and wide ranging.

She is an active member of the AILA community, having been a part of the AILA Awards committee and SAILA Fresh. She has also has been involved in educating landscape architecture students, working as a tutor in the fifth year Advanced Ecology subject at Adelaide University.

This year, Kat’s goal is to become a registered landscape architect and to further develop her professional qualifications. She is currently working towards her AILA Accreditation and is looking forward to undertaking the mentor program.

On behalf of WAX Design, we would like to congratulate Katarina on this much deserved award and wish her all the very best on her design journey!

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