Lighting the way

Jul 10, 2018

As a part of our award-winning landscape design of the Victor Harbor Mainstreet, the customised pole & lighting arrangements provide functionality and complement the urban heritage of the precinct.

Designed to emulate the ribs of a whale, the lighting design references the coastal town’s love for whale watching in the waters of Encounter Bay.

WE-EF sales partner, Buckford Illumination Group, supplied a range of high-quality luminaires for the project, designed by BCA Engineers, in collaboration with WAX Design.

Read more about the lighting design and selection process here


WE-EF asked Warwick Keates, Director of WAX Design, about the Victor Harbor project.

Q. Are you happy with the end result of the project?
A. The Victor Harbor Mainstreet Project has been a great success, and the integration of lighting as part of the urban design has brought a wonderful dynamic to the street. The lighting design has enhanced evening usage and encouraged pedestrian activity at night. The lighting selection has complemented the urban design, the street furniture and landscape architecture of the project perfectly. 

Q. How do you think the lighting contributed to the project’s outcome?
A. The original street was full of reproduction gaslights and low sodium luminaries and did little to enhance the street. The lighting design, custom poles and WE-EF luminaires have delivered a contemporary public realm that is complementary to the heritage character of the street. The elegant form of the FLA400 area floodlights, the functionality of the projectors and the simplicity of the inground uplights combine to create a safe, well light and inviting main street.    

Q. What were the main challenges?
A. The lighting design needed to respect the character of the street. The lighting needed to be contemporary without dominating the proposed design intent of the project or the existing facades. The refined design of the WE-EF luminaires complemented the urban design creating a unique public realm. 

Q. Any design elements that you feel worked particularly well for this project?
A. The three fitting that were selected for the project have worked extremely well in terms of design integration, performance and aesthetics. The area floodlights integrate perfectly with the curves profile of the custom poles. The projectors have enabled the City of Victor Harbor to light specific feature in the street adding greater visibility to seating areas, signs and crossing points. The ingrounds to the palm trees create a unique gateway with each tree becoming glow sentinel at night. All-in-all a great outcome.


Photography by Ina Parr

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