/Education & Play

Bonython Park Playspace

In collaboration with Ric Mcconaghy, WAX Design has designed the Bonython Park Playspace which draws upon a variety of historical and cultural themes related to the site and informs a range of play opportunities.


It is intended to reconnect and rejuvenate existing infrastructure, with key principles of play and exploration, to provide an engaging family experience that will encourage return visits.

A variety of play equipment considers provision for all abilities and aids in the development of physical and social skills. Risk benefit and building confidence in children are core values at the heart of the design.



  • 2013 - AIA SA The City of Adelaide Prize
  • 2013 - Recreation SA Recreation Planning Projects Award
  • 2013 - PLA SA Play Space Award
  • 2013 - LASA Design of Commercial Landscape Award

Photography by Dan Schultz - Sweet Lime Photo

  • Location: Adelaide Parklands, SA
  • Project: Playplace Masterplan
  • Client: Adelaide City Council
  • Completion: Oct 2012
  • Collaborators: Adelaide City Council, LCS Landscapes, Ric Mcconaghy