/Landscape Architecture

JB Ware Reserve

JB Ware Reserve is an important reserve for the local community and City of Burnside. Located between the Adelaide Hills and Portrush Road, the reserve is a playground, meeting place and gateway to Burnside.


The design draws inspiration from the site context, the vegetation of the Adelaide Hills and the noise and animation of Portrush Road.  A themed playground reflects the idea of transport with new landscape treatments providing amenity.

An innovative ‘dry moat’ secures the site without affecting visibility or surveillance. This unusual feature adds play value, while at night; the embankment and retaining wall are illuminated adding interest and security.


Images by Dan Schultz - Sweet Lime Photo

  • Location: Burnside, SA
  • Project: Open Space Planning
  • Client: City of Burnside
  • Completion: May 2008