/Education & Play

Suneden Special School

Suneden Sensory Playspace is a result of the imagination, innovation and hard work of WAX Design, Suneden School, Summit Landscape and the local community.


Using a tiny budget and community support, WAX Design has created a playspace that excites, stimulates and challenges the various abilities of the students at the school.
The unique and entertaining designs use a host of standard building and landscape material to create a series of outdoor rooms that incorporate explorative and sensory activities that help to improve student’s body awareness, problem solving, cognition, creativity, enhance their overall learning abilities and above all increase their happiness.



  • 2014 - PLA SA Playspace Award
  • 2014 - PLA National Award Playspace Category A
  • 2014 - LASA Design of Commercial Landscape Award
  • 2014 - LASA Judges Special Mention Award
  • 2015 - AILA SA Landscape Architecture Design Award

Photography by Dan Schultz - Sweet Lime Photo

  • Location: Mitchell Park, SA
  • Project: Landscape Design
  • Client: Suneden Special School
  • Completion: November 2013