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The Rundle Project

The Rundle Project was commissioned by Adelaide City Council to provide direction for the commissioning of public works of art in the Rundle Street.


WAX Design, working in collaboration with Tanya Court, Craige Andrae (SPUD) and Naomi Horridge created a “tool box” of research, analysis and propositions.

At the core of the masterplan were six public art typologies; intervene, objects of design, canvass, engagement, illuminate and fusion, which resulted from of a detailed urban study of the street, the social character of the precinct and an understanding of contemporary art.



  • 2009 - PIA SA Urban Design Plans & Ideas Award
  • 2009 - AILA SA Planning Award
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Project: Urban Design
  • Client: Adelaide City Council
  • Completion: July 2009