Visual Assessments

Landscape visual assessment is an essential component of many development applications and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and can often be a pivotal aspect of the decision making process.


Warwick Keates of WAX Design is able to provide extensive experience in landscape visual impact with over 25 years of experience assessing numerous developments, including open cast mines, wind farms, mobile phone towers, significant trees, residential dwellings, commercial developments and road corridors.  He has been called as an expert witness for the ERD Court on numerous occasions, as well as Planning and Parliamentary Hearings in South Australia and Planning Tribunals in Victoria .
His assessment work and methodology provides high quality, objectively measured assessment outcomes.  These assessments have been rigorously tested at numerous panel hearings and Environmental, Resource and Development Court appeals in both South Australia and Victoria.

  • Location: South Australia
  • Project: Visual Assessment
  • Client: Various
  • Completion: Current