Our People

Carina Sidwell

Urban Designer & Student of Horticulture


Throughout my career I have worked across several design professions as a fashion designer, industrial designer and as an Urban and Regional Planner. I have a strong background in strategic planning for open space and sports, streetscape and public realm upgrades and large open space developments. At the same time, I bring a deep understanding of the value of good design to my practice.

I worked at WAX early in my Urban Planning career and have had the opportunity to return with a focus on residential garden design, while undertaking studies in Horticulture. My keen interest in sustainable futures and permaculture has prompted me to reassess my career direction to better suit my core values and be more active in developing solutions for our changing society.

I want to create gardens which are functional as well as beautiful. I take an environmentally concise approach to garden design, with an emphasis on how a residential garden can support multiple outcomes such as water capture and re-use, composting for soil improvement, food security through productive gardening and improved health and wellbeing while connecting with nature.

Away from WAX, I manage my own productive garden, worm farm and composting, keep chickens and capture and re-use water. My ambition is to develop my own off grid, self-sustainable property. Ultimately, I want to re-learn skills that were common in previous generations, which have been lost to the industrial and globalised age.