Our People

Keri Nottage

Studio Manager


Prior to joining WAX in mid-2013, I spent over a decade working in administration across a broad range of industries, including computing and tech, nursing and home care services and the not-for-profit sector. I see this as a strength; I’m interested in doing different things and have accumulated a vast range of skills as a result. I’ve always liked the idea of being creative in your job. I knew that in coming to work for landscape architects there was a good chance I wouldn’t be doing the same duties day in, day out.

As Studio Manager, I am responsible for looking after the accounts, I keep everyone organised and support them in their respective roles, and manage any daily administration. Basically, I ensure the studio runs smoothly. Everyone works collaboratively at WAX and, although my background is broad, my input is taken seriously. It is among one of the many reasons I have continued working at WAX for so long.

I’ve always been interested in the idea of sustainable living. Our family is in the process of making our home as self-sufficient as possible – implementing solar power, reducing our reliance on the grid and natural gas. I’m also a keen gardener and grow a lot of our own food. This is a skill I want to pass onto my son; I believe in the value and importance of protecting our environment.