Jetty Road Public Realm

Using the existing street furniture as inspiration, the project delivered new seating and activation along Jetty Road as well as providing areas of much needed greenery.

With State Government funding, the City of Holdfast Bay wished to provide new seating and landscape opportunities for Jetty Road. Rather than disposing of the existing seats, a series of retrofitted sculptural forms that provide a new urban landscape of quirky and unique outdoor rooms were designed.

The project now features bold, three dimensional pipe work that appears and disappears as it bends and folds to become a seat, arm rest, bike rack or perch rail. At the tram stop the pipe work forms a bright blue sculptural palindrome, the word GLENELG extends from the existing handrail creating the ultimate branded urban design statement.

Fabrication work was undertaken by Bullseye Creative with landscape construction by Adelaide Innovative Landscaping.

  • Location: Glenelg, SA
  • Project: Visual Art
  • Client: City of Holdfast Bay
  • Completion: March 2015
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Country: Kaurna