Scotch College Wellbeing & Sports Centre

Developed in conjunction with Hames Sharley, the ‘Purruna’ Spencer Newton Centre; Scotch College’s new Wellbeing & Sports Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a large indoor swimming centre, multi-purpose sports courts, fitness studios, and a range of classroom, consultation and outdoor spaces.

The Centre has been ‘co designed’ and developed with the school community focus of sustainability and utilises key objectives of the Living Building Challenge including human experience, social usefulness & connectivity and learning integration.

A series of amphitheatre steps, terraces and central lawn create the heart of the centre, providing opportunities for outdoor learning, socialisation and larger school events. Views across to Adelaide were championed from both within and outside of the built form, fostering a connection to place and connection to country.

Collaboration with Paul Hertzig and sharing of Kaurna plant knowledge facilitated further cultural connections and enabled a significant proportion of new plants to be referenced for food, medicinal, art and cultural uses. The existing avenue of significant Eucalypts and heritage Olive hedge to Blythwood were retained and protected, with a new vehicular entrance point, car parks and a sense of arrival carefully integrated in and around these important assets. A new pedestrian access was created through the heritage gates, connecting the new facility to the surrounding neighbourhood.


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  • Location: Torrens Park, SA
  • Project: Wellbeing & Sports Centre
  • Client: Scotch College Adelaide
  • Completion: February 2023
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Country: Kaurna