WAX Design is a multi-disciplinary studio working across a range of specialised fields, including landscape architecture, architecture and the built environment, urban planning, place-making, and playspace and outdoor education design. Collaboration is essential to our design process, an approach that begins in the studio with shared conversations and ends in the delivery of high-quality design solutions sensitive to the needs of our clients and communities. For us, collaboration is a powerful tool. It fosters a responsive and iterative process of design discovery, and has proven fundamental to our success. We are also known for going beyond the brief, an approach that not only prioritises invention and creativity but affirms our role as expert facilitators in generating user-centered, ecologically sound and culturally significant designs.

As landscape architects, we are deeply committed to the concept of thinking greener – more sustainable and more resilient. Our focus is to produce legacy landscapes enjoyed by future generations; to generate healthy places in which communities can live, work and play; and, to future-proof our shared ecological health by ensuring green infrastructure is at the heart of all our designs.

We use story-telling as a way to create meaningful places. We work closely with communities to uncover local histories, memories, values and stories embedded in a site, ensuring our designs reflect the people we serve. Our emphasis on intergenerational knowledge can be found in the studio too. As industry leaders, we are proud to encourage emerging talent, supporting the skills and development of a new wave of South Australian landscape architects.

Our work has been celebrated on a national and international stage. Over the past fifteen years we have been lauded for our excellence and innovation in landscape architecture and urban design by leading industries bodies, such as the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, International Play Association, Planning Institute of Australia, Australian Institute of Architects, Design Institute of Australia, Master Landscapers Association of South Australia and Parks and Leisure Australia.