Colobus Sky Trail

Adelaide Zoo recently embarked on a small-scale upgrade of the Colobus monkey exhibit.

The project objective focused on creating a cost-effective design solution that would deliver significant benefit to the primates in terms of exhibit size, enrichment and improved animal welfare as well as providing a unique visitor experience.

The cylindrical design provides over 90 metres of elevated Sky Trail with an additional 240 cubic metres of exhibit space. An elevated tower nestled alongside existing trees and dense vegetation provides a perfect viewing platform for the Colobus to peer down at visitors below, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to see these animals up close as they inquisitively explore and engage with the natural environment, which surrounds the Sky Trail.

Completed several months ago, the Sky Trail has transformed the Colobus exhibit. Walking through the Zoo, you are greeted by the noisy chatter and territorial calls of the Colobus troop out exploring the treetops.

Collaborating with the Zoo and CPR Engineers, we have been able to deliver a world-first in small primate exhibit design.