Our People

Amanda Balmer


Registered Landscape Architect


I believe in creating landscapes that bring joy to people and generate opportunities for people to connect with nature. In establishing a landscape architectural firm, I felt I could facilitate a greater level of positive change as steward of my own decision making.

I am a registered landscape architect and director of WAX. Both roles allow me to challenge the norm and do things differently, so that we might champion the important things in life – social benefit, the environment, creating equitable and inclusive places. My portfolio focus is primarily play spaces, outdoor education – particularly for schools and learning centres – and residential design. However, the beauty of our tight-knit, dynamic team means I work across all aspects of our designs and business. I find greatest satisfaction when I see the joy of others using the spaces we have created. There is an element of enduring legacy when working with landscapes, as they can take years to develop. The living elements of our projects constantly remind me that I am not in control but rather a facilitator of an outcome.

As a director, I am responsible for our team – supporting their work-life balance, fostering their ideas and professional development. The team is our most important asset and our focus is to ensure they are happy, healthy and inspired. At WAX, we are interested in people before profit, and I think this comes across in our work, too. In terms of my own work-life balance, I find greatest satisfaction in my garden. I am a qualified apiarist, with a thriving vegetable garden, bees and chickens, all of which puts into practice my personal and professional beliefs.