Our People

Blake Lovas

Landscape Architect


My story is pretty unique in that I’ve always wanted to work for WAX. In 2013, as a high school student, I undertook work experience with the firm, prompting me to pursue a Bachelor of Architectural Design followed by a Masters in Landscape Architecture. I have since returned as a Landscape Architect.

I came out of university with a range of well-honed technical skills. I’m a keen draftsman; I have strong sense of concept and design visualisation, and my broader interest in art and illustration feeds this skill. Since working at WAX, I have been learning the applied practice of landscape architecture, which includes liaising with clients, consultation processes, construction and planting. Working in a small, tightly-knit team is really positive. I know everyone in the room, what everyone does and what they do best. You are never left to navigate a task entirely on your own; I’ve found it influential to watch people who are passionate about doing something right.

My personal design focus is the relationship between nature and health. I believe we need to create resilient landscapes, spaces that contribute to the well-being of both human and non-human communities by weaving together cultural and ecological layers. We need designs that reframe current urban life, that transform shared space into biodiverse, sustainable places that are healthier for all users. I hope to cultivate these ideas as I develop my practice and work towards becoming a registered landscape architect.