Our People

Victoria Smart

Graduate Landscape Architect


I believe in principles of sustainability and connecting to nature. Having grown up on a crop farm in a small country town in the mid-north of South Australia, it has taught me to value the land; to encourage agricultural education, support local community and live a healthy lifestyle. I am fascinated by the relationship between humans and nature, and I firmly believe in building with the land, not against it. Our farm has been in our family for six generations, and for four of those, we have planted Eucalypt trees on our farm, to improve the environment and invest in the biodiversity of the land. Knowing that I planted trees from the seeds of trees my great grandfather planted, teaches me about the time it takes to create landscapes and the ongoing care and attention that they need, sometimes over many generations.

I began at WAX mid-2023, after the completion of my university degrees. Achieving a Bachelor of Architectural Design and a Masters of Landscape Architecture, I had been aware of WAX and their diverse projects throughout my studies and really enjoyed the work they did.

Living with a hearing impairment, I place the utmost importance on ensuring every voice is heard and am someone who embraces inclusivity wholeheartedly. On weekends I enjoy exploring nature by going on hikes and road trips, spending time with friends and returning to our farm to lend a helping hand. It is all of these lifelong experiences that make me who I am and ultimately inspired me to have a career in landscape architecture.