Kensington Park Residence

A sense of arrival to the renovated villa was created through a new bluestone entrance path with extensive gardens of layered plantings either side. Whilst the front garden is sympathetic to the historic vernacular of the home, hints of the contemporary extension to the rear can be found in the steel edging and sharp lines of the geometric layout.

The side courtyard provides a secluded nook with mass ground cover and stepping stone pavers, off set with additional shade trees and hedging to the boundary.

The rear garden features a tiled pool and spa as an extension of the outdoor pavilion with a timber deck and deciduous trees to the boundary, providing a back drop to the home. A central lawn off terraced steps provides a large open area for all the family to play.


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  • Location: Kensington Park, SA
  • Project: Garden Design
  • Client: Private Residence
  • Completion: 2016
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Country: Kaurna


  • 2017 – MLSA Design of Residential Landscape Award