The new wave of flexible work

The 4-day work week is gaining momentum with many more businesses across a range of industries working towards a more sustainable work environment. Reduced days, flexible hours and working from home has become the new normal.

It’s been two years since WAX adopted a shorter work week and we thought it was time to share an update with you.

Although we have reduced studio operations by one day a week, we have adjusted the remaining days to create a sustainable 35-hour working week. It has enabled us to streamline our processes and workflows and to complete the same number of projects within their timeframes. Ultimately, it has allowed us to work smarter; more efficiently and productively within those 4 days.

The additional time away from work gives our team time with their families, to study, travel, run errands, and do the hobbies they enjoy, while reducing stress levels and improving mental health.


Here are some insights from our team:

WAX Landscape Architect, Mauricio says “The 4-day work week has no parallel if we talk about employee’s wellbeing. It has allowed me to spend more time with my partner and friends, and facilitated the engagement in all the other activities and interests that do not directly relate to work, but clearly have a big impact and influence on how I tackle my work life. Having extra time in the week to read at leisure and attend cultural events has greatly enhanced my professional development”.


Director, Amanda states that WAX has completed two full years of a 4-day working week, and we couldn’t be happier.

We can now effectively demonstrate with data we have collected over this time, that our team is as efficient and our company as profitable, as when we worked a 5-day week. Staff wellbeing, enthusiasm and positivity have all improved, and staff sick leave, absenteeism and additional personal leave time requirements have all been reduced.

We are so grateful for our clients trust and belief in our capabilities when we moved to four days, and it is fantastic that we have been able to continue to meet their needs and expectations with our modified working week”.


The 4-day work week at WAX is here to stay and we encourage fellow businesses to make changes that will improve their work-life balance.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the 4 Day Week Global website for some helpful resources or feel free to contact us directly.